Research Projects Directory

Research Projects Directory

Information about each research project within the Workbench is available in the Research Projects Directory below. Approved researchers provide their project’s research purpose, description, populations of interest and more. This information helps All of Us ensure transparency on the type of research being conducted.

At this time, all listed projects are using data in the registered tier. The registered tier contains individual-level data from electronic health records, survey answers, and physical measurements. These data have been altered to protect participant privacy.

Note: Researcher Workbench users provide information about their research projects independently. Any views expressed in the Research Projects Directory belong to the relevant users and do not necessarily represent those of the All of Us Research Program.

Information in the Research Projects Directory is also cross-posted on in compliance with the 21st Century Cures Act.

There are currently 259 active workspaces. This information was updated on 10/28/2020.

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Project Purpose(s)

  • Disease Focused Research (Test Disease)
  • Population Health ...
  • Social / Behavioral
  • Educational
  • Drug Development
  • Methods Development
  • Control Set
  • Ancestry
  • Commercial
  • Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI)
  • Other Purpose (Test - purpose)

Scientific Questions Being Studied

Intend to study

Scientific Approaches

Scientific approach

Anticipated Findings

Anticipated findings

Demographic Categories of Interest

  • Race / Ethnicity

Research Team


  • Rancho_2 Forest - Other, Rainforest Test Users


  • Franco Forest - Other, Rainforest Test Users