Welcome, All of Us Researchers.

The All of Us Research Program, part of the National Institutes of Health, is building one of the largest biomedical data resources of its kind. The All of Us Research Hub stores health data from a diverse group of participants from across the United States.

Approved researchers can access All of Us data and tools to conduct studies to help improve our understanding of health.

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Data Snapshots

Our Data Snapshots are the fastest way to view the diversity of the All of Us Research Program participant data. These snapshots provide visualizations of participant demographics, geographic distribution, and more.




Electronic Health Records


Biosamples Received

Data Browser

Our interactive Data Browser provides aggregate-level data to help researchers explore the available data to determine if the program’s resources can be useful to their research work.

Data Sources

Participant data are collected from multiple sources including surveys and electronic health records. Biosamples are also collected for the program’s genomic data (coming soon.) As the program continues to grow, additional data sources will become available.


Researcher Workbench

The program has a tiered level of access to participant data with strict data use policies. Approved researchers can use our Researcher Workbench suite of advanced computing tools to analyze the registered-level data, collaborate with their teams and other approved researchers through shared workspaces, interactive notebooks, and more.

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