About the Research Hub

About the Research Hub

The All of Us Research Hub matches a broad research community with a diverse set of research participants. Its goal is to advance precision medicine research and fuel new insights into human health. The Research Hub houses one of the largest, most diverse, and most broadly accessible datasets ever assembled. It also provides an interactive Data Browser where anyone can learn about the type and quantity of data that All of Us collects. Users can explore aggregate data including genomic variants, survey responses, physical measurements, electronic health record information, and wearables data.

Registered users can use the Researcher Workbench to dive deeper into the data; conduct rapid, hypothesis-driven research; and build new methods for the future, using a variety of tools. The diverse data may help facilitate new studies that could help lead to new insights, treatments, and strategies for disease prevention that are tailored to individuals. Learn more about All of Us at AllofUs.nih.gov.

How It Works

Participants share their data with the program. All of Us collects data through multiple sources. These data are sent to a secure cloud environment, managed by the program’s Data and Research Center.

The program funnels participant data through a curation process within a secure data repository. The repository connects to the Research Hub tools.

Anyone can visit the Research Hub. Visitors can learn about the data All of Us collects and makes available for research. To explore aggregated participant data, users can visit the  Survey Explorer and the Data Browser. Both offer additional information about the unique data elements. 

Researchers register for access to the Researcher Workbench to analyze data. 

Registered researchers in the Researcher Workbench can create research projects using collaborative workspaces, cohort-building tools, interactive notebooks, and more. Currently, researchers must verify their identity and complete the All of Us Research Program data access process to access the Researcher Workbench and Registered or Controlled Tier data.

View publications and research findings related to the All of Us Research Program on the Publications page.